This is a picture of my tiny move-able home. I could call it a tiny house on wheels, but in England it’s called a camper van.

I have been living in it for a month or so now. It is very cosy and small.

Camper van living room is the bedroom at night

Yes this is small for one person but I’m sharing with my adult daughter Claire! What fun! It’s a good job we get on very well although I must say we are smoothing off some rough edges too. 🙂

In order to create the bed I have to put the front seats flat because that is where my feet go; under the steering wheel. Claire, who is taller than me, sleeps on the passenger side and has more room for her feet.

Here is the rest of the tiny home looking towards the back door

The kitchen
The kitchen

In the foreground you can see the heater with the wardrobe above it. Lovely warm clothes in the morning if you wait for them to get heated before dressing! Continuing on the left is a cupboard with the sink above, and next to that is the fridge. Normal British fridges are much smaller than American ones but this is really tiny. However, we do manage to fit everything we need into it.

The two burner stove and oven

This small stove is plenty big enough to cook meals using my small pans. We even manage to have left overs! The grill under the stove is wonderful because you can heat something up on the stove at the same time using the same grill flame. We haven’t yet used the oven to cook anything in but it houses pots and food very well.

Were you wondering where the loo was? It’s by the back door opposite the fridge and sink. It has a shower in it too but we haven’t used it (and probably won’t).

The Tiny Loo
The Tiny Loo

Now, I have to admit that the pictures above were taken by the person who we bought the van from. It does look a little more cosy with our stuff in it. When we travel we have to pack everything away so it doesn’t fall about so it takes a bit of preparation.

The settee/bed
The settee/bed

When this rain decides to let up and we have a sunny day (ha ha, this is Britain in November), I’ll take some photos of how it looks now. Also I’ll show you the lovely spot that we call home for the moment. For now I’ll give you a clue – I know that this rainy weather is wonderful for ducks because I was watching them forage in the puddles. So fun!

4 thoughts on “My Tiny House on Wheels

  1. Ah-ha, found your pictures of your Tiny Home, which apparently is on the market (or maybe sold by now?). It does look cozy & quite tiny. Are you familiar with the “tiny homes” stateside? There is one fella who started up some very cool ones & now other folks have started companies selling similar ideas, and custom features for their future owners. Something you & Claire may consider as well. ;0)


    1. I would say it’s very tiny Karen. Smaller than the Tumbleweed tiny homes that Jay Shafer designed and built. :-~) Yes, I love those. Very American in style. British homes are not built with wood. Probably because it’s so damp here.


      1. Are there options other than wood to build a version on the Tumbleweed TH’s in England? I can’t wait to see what you find next. In the meantime I am enjoying your notes & updates!


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