This is a picture I made to represent the violet fire. The violet flame is a spiritual flame and you can find more about it here at Spiritual Or this is another good page at

I created the background using tapestry stitch on a plastic canvas, and stitched the variegated pink and purple yarn in vertical rows. I think it creates a suitable flame-like feel. I formed a purple tapestry border because the repurposed golden frame was so thin.

Violet Purple Pink Flames
Violet Purple Pink Flames

I made the flame shapes using freeform crochet. I created a chain and then attached crochet stitches of varying length in descending order on one side and ascending order on the other. Whilst attaching the flames to the background I twisted them to create depth and a three dimensional look.

I then wound some crochet chains and links of sequins in and out of the flames to give and uplifting feel. I added tiny buttons I found in a sewing machine shop in Reading, Berkshire when I was living there.

The pink machine embroidered leaves were part of a trim I bought in the fabric souk in Kuwait when I was living there; a wonderful Aladdin’s cave for any fibre artist. Funny because although I bought it in Kuwait it was probably made in India.

I am sorry about the appearance of the frame. It really in rectangular in real life although it does look very bowed in the picture. I am not skilled enough at photography to get it to look any other way.

There is no glass covering the picture because to me one of the main points of fabric art is the texture. You just cannot experience texture behind glass! I love my work to have a textured feel, a 3D look even if it is not actually 3D.

Check out my Etsy shop Patricia Hope for this and more of my work.

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