So, I shave decided to sell my tiny house on wheels.

It’s not because it isn’t cosy. It is.
It’s not because it is too small. I like the smallness.
It’s not because it’s cold living in it in the winter. It is insulated well.
It’s not because I don’t like it. I do.
I bought it because I wanted to travel around in my home, and that is cool. I do sometimes forget, when in the driving seat though, that I have my home behind me. I get to a place and think, “Oh I forgot to bring such-and-such!” then remember that I brought it all with me and just have to look in a cupboard or drawer! đŸ™‚
The downside of having home on wheels is that when I want to go somewhere, my daughter Claire cannot stay home and do what she wants to do. I cannot leave her because when I drive somewhere I take the home with me.
Another downside of having a home on wheels is that whenever we want to go on an errand we have to pack everything away so it does not slide around the van before we set off.
So as I have done the traveling and decided I want to stay put for a while it seems silly to live like this. when I have sole the van I will but a caravan and a car. This will mean that I’ll still have my tiny home and also some transport. Claire can stay home and work if I want to go somewhere.
I will miss the  portable loo. I drink a lot of water and it is handy to have my own loo with me when I go anywhere. Public loos are not as plentiful or an nice in Britain as they are in the States.
There are other compensations too. Even a small caravan will be larger than this little Auto Sleeper. Claire and I will certainly be able to move around easier. We won’t have to put the driving seats flat in order to make up the beds. And my plant, Lilly, will be able to have a permeant space of her own. At the moment I have to move her to a small shelf at night but as she is a bit cramped there I like to move her to the table during the day.
If you know anyone in Britain who wants a tiny house on wheels then please direct them to this website where my advert is.

I love to read your thoughts. Thank you for leaving a comment.

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