The temperature last night dropped to -2ºC in Taunton according to the weather forecast I saw.

I was toasty warm under my duvet but I must say it was cold getting out of bed this morning. I hadn’t looked at the forecast but it didn’t surprise me to see frost outside.

I decided not to go take a shower because the shower block is not heated and the water is now lukewarm. These showers have no temperature control; you just get what you are given. Recently the shower water temperature has been dropping because the farmer has not raised the heat on the mix going through. However the water out of the hot taps at the sink is scalding. He is not a person you can easily talk to about it though.

I had already drained the water tank so we had no frozen pipes. I keep water in 5 litre bottles inside. We had just enough water for me to heat for my flannel wash in front of the warm heater. I then went out to fill the bottles for Claire to wash.

It was very refreshing walking on firm ground. We have been having so much rain and the track is so rustic that there are usually large puddles and lots of mud. It is possible to pick your way around the puddles but not easy to avoid the mud. The ground, being frozen was not muddy! Yay!

I tried stepping on a shallow puddle to test the thickness of the ice. Very thin and now at midday it has all melted.

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