Frost on the window in the mornings in my camper van reminds me of my childhood. Waking up in the morning in a cold bedroom with the lovely swirly patterns of the frost on the inside of the window panes.
Double glazing was not invented and neither did we have central heating. So the bedrooms were all cold. I remember getting dressed under the bedclothes. It was just the way it was.
We had a paraffin stove in the bathroom that was lit on bath nights or other days that were particularly cold.
Bath nights, yes we didn’t have a shower or daily baths, so once a week, on Sunday evenings, we all had a bath. When we were little we would share the same bath and my dad told us a stories that he made up. He had a little character called Paddy who lived in a shoebox and sailed align the gutter in the rain.
When I was older I remember standing in the bathroom while he told stories to my younger sisters. Then I would get in the same bath water after they had finished.

2 thoughts on “Frost on the Window

  1. What fun memroies. Do you remember other of your Dad’s tales. Wouldn’t it be fun to write them up & have an illustrator pen drawings. That would be a treasure for not only your girls, but your grandchildren! ;0)


  2. Yes, that would be good if I could remember them. Unfortunately I cannot. He wrote a bit about his childhood – a middle class boy fallen on very hard times in London between the two world wars. Intersting social history. I may publish it sometime when I’ve edited it.


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