Tan Pits Farm is a cider farm. It has an orchard with a  camp site under the trees. It caters for caravans, mobile homes and tents. It is one of the few camp sites in the UK that’s open all year round. I haven’t seen any tents for a few months though.

It is a rustic place, which is why I like it. I was introduced to it whilst I was driving the taxi. I took a resident home. He was an unusual guy. Long curly hair, skin tight jeans and bright nail varnish on his long nails. He lived in a caravan permanently on the site.

There are several long term residents. Some live in those large mobile homes that they rent form the farmer. They are as big as a small bungalow. These residents have been living here for years and love the place.

The Rustic Main Thoroughfare
The Rustic Main Thoroughfare

Other people live in smaller caravans and have also been living here for years. Other people live in a caravan there for a few months whilst they work temporarily in the area.

Two Car Family Residence
Two Car Family Residence

One lady lives away from her work and placed a caravan here so that when she is on a late shift she can get to sleep quicker.

Home from Home
Home from Home

The best thing about this place is the birds …. but more about them another day.

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