Willow Garden
Willow Garden

I had a wonderful time when I was in Kuwait a few years ago. I went to the Fabric Souk with a friend and found a lovely place that imported material from India. It was an Aladdin’s cave.

The picture above is made from several of the fabrics I bought that day. The green background has brown leaves and branches embroidered onto it. I think the colours go so well together. I cut out the flowers and butterfly from another fabric. My favourite material however is the one with green hanging ‘leaves’. It reminds me of a weeping willow tree.
I planted a weeping willow tree at the end of one of my gardens. It was the house that I moved into when my eldest daughter was a baby. When we left that house my youngest was nearly three years old. There was no shade that first summer so I planted the weeping willow to give us shade. It was still young but beautiful and the children enjoyed playing around it.
Weeping Willow Branches
Weeping Willow Branches
I remember one memorable evening. It was a very hot day and I knew the girls would have difficulty sleeping. In England we have so few really hot days that we don’t have air conditioning and we didn’t even have a fan. We had been having several hot dry days and I noticed the leaves of the weeping willow had yellowed. So the girls helped me water the tree. They each had a little bucket and I had a watering can. We would all fill our containers from the outside tap under the kitchen window and we would all toddle down to the end of the garden to water the tree. Fortunately this exercise tired the girl out enough to help them sleep in a hot bedroom and saved the tree.
After we left that house I visited our lovely neighbour several times and watched my willow tree grow tall.

The frame measures 9″ x 7″ (or  23cm x 18cm) and has a stand up thingy at the back but it can also be hung on the wall.

You can find this picture for sale at my Etsy store.

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