Lilly sitting on the steering wheel.
Lilly sitting on the steering wheel.
I am very fond of Lilly the Plant. She was given to me by my eldest daughter.
I had just arrived back in England form spending three months helping her and her family out in Minneapolis, USA. She was pregnant with two toddlers and needed to rest. So I went over and did all the physical housekeeping stuff; cooking, tidying, cleaning, shopping and laundry.
Unfortunately there was mould in the apartment. Helen had it under control with an air purifier and regular cleaning and the family did not seem to be affected by it. But I was. I felt debilitated the whole time I was there. There were fluctuations when I felt worse just before the filter was cleaned.
After the baby was born I was on the go the whole time, taking turns in walking baby at night because his mum had lost blood so needed bed rest. I took the two toddlers out to the park or shopping every day and became even more depleted because I gave myself no rest.
So when it was time to go home I needed a holiday to recover before I went back to work as a taxi driver. I stayed at a farm in Ilfracombe. When I arrived I was extremely touched that my daughter had sent me a Peace Lily as a thank you gift. She sent that particular plant because it filters and purifies air. Of course when I was away from the mould I felt much better, although I still benefitted from the weeks rest.
So Lilly has been with me as I transitioned to my tiny home on wheels and although she has grown considerably and some would say she is too big for my small place, she is a valuable member of my family and I like to accommodate her need for space and light.
The other day I had a day off and left the bed down. It meant that there was no place to put Lilly safely because she sits at the head of my bed and I was leaning against her. So I found the perfect spot perched on the steering wheel at the foot of my bed. (When lying down my feet fit under the steering wheel.)

4 thoughts on “Lilly the Plant

  1. Do you have pictures of your “tiny home” I remember you speaking of it on FB previously. But seem to have overlooked the pictures if there are any posted.


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