Small Violet Fire Picture
Small Violet Fire Picture
Instead of creating a picture then framing it, I found this frame and created the picture on it. I started by wrapping purple yarn around the frame. I then created a diagonal warp and weft. I did this on the diagonal to create the feeling of upward movement. It was akin to darning a hole.
Onto the woven background I sewed the flames created by free-form crochet. I deliberately created a weaving in and out effect to suggest movement. I added some sparkle in the form of tinsel, sequins, lurex yarn and a twisted sparkly beaded trim.
Close-up of Small Violet Fire
Close-up of Small Violet Fire
I then loosely wrapped a fluffy yarn around the frame to soften it and add to the flame effect.
The whole picture measures measures 4″ x 6″ (11 cm x 16 cm) and has a wall hanging fixture on the back.
You can buy it form my Shop at Etsy.

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