Claire had put her coat on the the back of the passenger seat. The hood was over the headrest. To my consternation I noticed a greenfly (aphid) on her hood! I squished it because I was concerned for my lovely Lilly the Plant.

I checked Lilly to see if she had any on her. I was upset because many of the plants I grow end up being infested with greenfly which I have not managed to eradicate. I noticed a few white specks which may or may not have been aphid eggs. I especially checked at the base of the stems and came to the conclusion that she was not infected. However I found and squished another greenfly on Claire’s coat.
I came to a conclusion. We had that afternoon been to the farmer’s market and brought home vegetable produce. The aphids probably travelled to our tiny home from there.
Oh! Are you taking a picture of me?
Oh! Are you taking a picture of me?
All is well.

4 thoughts on “Finding Greenfly

  1. I have found that a soap solution, washing the leaves helps rid plants of aphids. Also a Q-tip (cotton swab) with a touch of rubbing alcohol can do the trick as well. Though I thik I used that for another bug problem. The little webbed insects I used to find on some of my houseplants.


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