Christmas Dinner (but not mine)
Christmas Dinner (but not mine)

We had a lovely relaxing Christmas Day in our tiny house on wheels. We didn’t dismantle the beds which gave us more time to relax. Claire gave me breakfast in bed. I had a lovely read and listen to Christmas carols while she also made the Christmas Lunch! Such pampering.

It didn’t look quite like the picture above. Not at all really. The last time I cooked anything in the oven it took up so much gas that we vowed to only use the stove top in future. So I bought some thick slices of turkey breast from Sainsbury’s cooked meat counter. Claire cooked potatoes, carrots and sprouts and heated the meat. We have two pans and two gas rings but she managed to only use one pan. Hooray! Who wants to wash dishes on Christmas day?

I didn’t take a photo. It looked a bit like a mush really but tasted delicious. Whenever I eat a meal I add different foods to the same forkful. When it’s a mush it’s just easier to do that. 🙂 I gave up stuffing my face at Christmas years ago. So much more comfortable!

I went out for a brisk short walk after lunch. I love to do that. And we talked with the American side of the family on Skype when they started their day. We tried to watch the children opening presents, but saw a lot of the ceiling as the children like to carry the iPad around. Unfortunately the connection wasn’t good and kept booting us off and the two toddlers had just eaten something that they had not eaten before and it hadn’t agreed with them and they took turns in vomiting. The baby must have been a little bemused when passed between parents as they rushed to contain the vomit. So it was all go their end but it was good to connect.

I remember one of the best Christmas day I’ve had since the girls have grown, was when I lived in Kuwait. I lived on my own and my girls were together in Wales. I didn’t have enough money to travel to the UK so we talked on Skype. I was on a strict low carb diet at the time and so I didn’t have the usual Christmas treats. I had no TV and had the holiest Christmas day I’ve ever had. I’d never spent Christmas on my own before, but because I’m an introvert I enjoy my own company. (I talked to family and friends on the phone as usual anyway). The rest of the time was very peaceful and beautiful.

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