So, I’m house sitting for a friend. I’ve gone from a tiny house to an enormous one!

It has a gigantic kitchen/diner, a dining room, a lounge, a sun room, laundry room, loo, and office on the ground floor. It has four double bedrooms upstairs, with one having an en suite shower room and it also has a family bathroom with shower and bath. It has a very large (for British standards) back garden and a front space that’s gravelled with room for several cars.

The upstairs landing is also very spacious. The teenage occupants of the rooms use it to congregate in because boys and girls are not allowed in each other’s rooms.

The house I'm in is one of the white houses opposite the school.
The house I’m in is one of the white houses opposite the school.

There is no-one here apart from me, the Kitty, goldfish and my daughter Claire. But I did teen-sit a few months ago for a long weekend. There were eight teens living here with three extra guys for one meal. The family here is a large one and there were also three foreign students attending the local college. Their payments helped to pay the rent. At that time some of the downstairs rooms were pressed into bedroom service, as you can imagine.

It was a tiring weekend but as most of the kids were lovely I enjoyed it. Now it seems very quite.

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