I’ve just read on another blog MercOver about Tracy’s journey to heal herself of mercury poisoning. She talks about resentment forgiveness and reminded me that there is no better subject for the last day of the year than forgiveness.

Most of us hold some resentment or other deep down (or maybe not so deep). I know I’m still struggling with the way my mother treated me as a child. She didn’t abuse me on purpose. She loved me as far as she was capable. Her upbringing played a large part in how she treated me. I know all this intellectually but still find that I’m harbouring some resentment towards her. I don’t even know it until some event or person triggers a memory. It might take some digging into my psychology to find exactly what the memory or the resentment is but it’s worth it.

Feeling resentment and having an unforgiving attitude towards someone only harms me, the person holding that feeling. It’s like taking poison in the hope that it will hurt the other person. Science shows us that our body actually produces poisons (toxins) when we feel anger.

As this page  puts it so well “Forgiveness is an aspect of the violet flame that can melt hardness of heart and dissolve animosity and blame. Forgiveness opens our hearts to love.

You can use the violet flame to heal painful memories and help resolve difficulties in relationships. People who have directed the violet flame into problems in their relationships often sense a tremendous burden lifted and feel free to move on with their lives.”

So in my imagination I place myself and my mother in the violet flame whilst using the science of the spoken word to invoke it.

This is how I do it


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