This is the second time we have housesit for this family. During the first one I was still driving the taxi so was out for long hours. But Claire was here, beavering away at writing her book.

She was the one who had to deal with Kitty the Killer Cat.

The picture does not show his butch-ness very well but he is a large male cat called Kitty! The poor animal was left last year with one of the older teenagers to look after him. When the family came back they noticed that the cat refused to enter the house. He was persuaded to eat on the porch and was given a box with old clothing in for warmth and comfort. This situation lasted a whole year.

The weekend that I teen-sat was the first time he came into the kitchen. His owner is an eleven year old girl, the youngest. The mum was keen to get him in because there was a mouse in the house (or the kitchen to be precise).

So when we house sat a few months ago when they all went off for a holiday in Scotland the cat had only recently got back to live in the house.

He acted like a big bully. He would miaow for food several times a day and if it was not forthcoming immediately he would miaow louder and swipe the back of our ankle. Claire got several scratches and was understandably scared of the animal. He even went for me a few times with his teeth, but I had thick jeans on.

When the family arrived back they remarked straight away at how fat he had got! We told them why.

The 19 year old that had been left with the cat the last year had not gone away with the rest of the crew and had been farmed out to his friend’s house. When I had teen-sat I had several problems with him, one being that he was insisting on holding a party on the saturday night. His mum had told me that he wasn’t to have any of his friends round to the house while she was away. (He had already flouted that rule because three of them were there when I got back from work on Friday evening.) So his mum didn’t think it was fair that he be there when we house sat.

Anyway, it seemed that he had spent all his money on a night out on the town so had not enough to feed himself. Consequently he kept coming back to see if he could get more food. He had already cleaned out the kitchen of his mum’s food but came back anyway. One trip back Claire overheard a conversation that explained the problem with Kitty.

His friend said “Is that the cat we swang around last year?” Yes it was apparently. No wonder Kitty appeared scared when they walked in.

We were assured that Kitty was better tempered now and on the whole he is, but his name still doesn’t suite him!

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