Taunton School is possibly the most famous private school in Taunton. Certainly the one that I first became aware of when my parers moved to this town.
It has a very international clientele and the students are the ones I have come across most. This could be that they have more students but also could be that the school is the furthest away from the town centre.
As a taxi driver I used to ferry them back to school between 5:30 and 6:00pm on Wednesdays. Groups of students had walked into town, bought a few things including a sandwich from Subway and piled into the taxis to get back to school in time to do their homework (or prep as it’s called in private schools. Probably because many of them being borders are not at home.) It seemed amazing that so many of them liked Subway. I could always smell the artificial food smell that impregnated each purchase and purchaser. a certain Subway smell they pump out into the atmosphere outside their stores.
It was interesting hearing them talk to their friends in the cab. Some would be speaking English because the members of the group were from different countries but others would all speak the same language. It was common to have a group of Russian young people in the cab. If the group spoke another language I would try and guess what it was and was usually correct. I remember one group spoke French, and they helped me practice my French. What fun.
An offshoot of Taunton School is Taunton School International. Even though the initials are TSI all the taxi drivers would call it TIS. I liked getting cars to TIS because it was a little further (and so a higher fare) than the main school.
I found it fascinating to hear them talk about what they would be doing in the vacation time, visiting each other in their respective countries etc. the nationalities that I noticed most apart from Russians were Chinese, Germans, French, Eastern European countries and the occasional Brit.
All were very polite but I only got one tip, from a group of German lads.

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