The flat my mother lived in at the end of her life overlooked the Queen’s College playing field. We saw the back off the buildings which, as with the other two private schools in Taunton, had a magnificent facade.
I lived with my mother for over a year whilst caring for her. During the autumn and winter term the rugby posts were up. Loads of them. The hockey pitches (for the girls) were in a different part so we didn’t get to see those games. When I did hockey at school I was always scared that my ankles would get whacked with the stick. I would always choose a wing position to keep out o everyone’s way.
The rugby shirts were dark yellow and black striped, with black shorts and striped socks.  They looked like wasps buzzing around the fields especially during lessons when there wasn’t any other strip to be seen.
The field was also used by an archery club which consisted of middle-aged men and women. They practiced mainly on Sundays. I had archery lessons when I was in the sixth form at school (aged 16-18). It was taught by my favourite maths teacher who was my form teacher when I first entered the school aged 11. The main thing I remember was that It was very hard work to pull back the bow! Consequently I rarely hit the target. I mean I rarely hit the target board at all.
There were also football practice sessions during the school holidays for little boys. Funny that the school pupils never seemed to play football. It was always rugby in the winter and athletics in the summer.
The tennis courts were a long way away from our window and quite out of site.
I used to watch the groundsmen whizzing around in their different vehicles often cutting the grass in the summer. Most days at about 10:30 am a little vehicle would whizz down to the gate by the road. A guy would get out, unlock the gate, walk over the road to the little Tesco. I know he went to Tesco because he would be carrying a bag when he returned to get back into his vehicle gain. He whizzed up to a building where no doubt his co-workers would be waiting for their lunch or elevenses.

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