My new favourite blogger AnnieInk said this on her About page

“I’m tall. I like being tall. Normally tall girls say the one drawback is that you can’t wear heels,
but I actually see that as a plus.”

I’m fairly short, 5′ 4″ and I used to wear high heels. I had a pair similar to the one pictured above only I thought mine were nicer. Those were the days when I wore black and red. Before I realised how wearing colours affected my mood.

My favourite outfit with these shoes in the winter was black woollen tights with a black skinny-rib polo neck sweater. Over this I wore a red and black woven woollen tartan pinafore dress. I made it out of a full length skirt I bought in a charity shop. The waist was too small for me so I took it off and re-attached to form a yoke and shoulder straps of the dress. It then became calf length. I got many compliments whilst wearing that outfit.

My feet are wide. This means that normal sized shoes are too narrow for my feet which are either squashed painfully or stretch the shoe.

One day my husband said “Why are you acting so crabby?”

I stopped and considered. “Because my feet hurt!”

“Then why don’t you wear more comfortable shoes?” was his sensible reply.

Well, comfortable shoes made me look fat and dumpy, that’s why. So I ignored his advice until I became pregnant with my eldest daughter. I then decided comfort was more important than looks and have mostly worn flat, comfortable shoes since.

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