I walked past a robin today. Well, Actually I didn’t. As I was coming close to the robin he didn’t seem at all phased by my being only about one foot away from him.

I stopped and looked at him.

The robin looked at me with it’s curious beady black eyes. He cocked his head.

He was a beautiful robin sitting on a wall at waist height. We stayed still for quite a few moments. Well, I stayed still. He moved his head and hopped into a different position but watched me most of the time.

Then he flew away and I walked on.

Now this was a British robin. American robins are quite a different shape and have a different feel to them. In my opinion the British one wins, but then I’m probably biased because I’ve grown up having them around.

When I lived in the USA I was disappointed to see that they weren’t the same bird.

Which do you think is the cutest or more handsome bird?

The American Robin
The American Robin

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