I know it looks like macaroni cheese with bacon bits in but it isn’t! It’s a sweet pasta bake I made up today.

I’ve temporarily moved out of my tiny house-on-wheels and moved into the large house I was looking after at New Year. However, nearly everyone is back so the house is full. My friend didn’t like the idea of us staying in the van when the temperature was below zero so she insisted on us staying with her.

There are some people who it’s very difficult to say no to and she is one of them. Anyway it’s mutually advantageous. It’s warmer, we have electricity and light in the evenings and it is easier to cook in a full sized kitchen. I make the main evening meal for the family 3 or 4 times a week, clean the house and oversee a twelve year old girl who is being educated at home.

There are eight people sitting down to the meal but there is often left over food. However, nothing is wasted because we either have it for lunch next day or utilise it into the following day’s evening meal.

So there was a large amount of pasta left over after yesterday’s meal. Today our lovely Indian lady was cooking and pasta does not feature in Indian dishes so as pasta does not keep very well I decided to make a pudding (or desert for those readers who aren’t British).

I chopped up the pasta, mixed it with sultanas, sweet mixed spices, vanilla, milk and sugar. Heated it in a pan then popped it in the oven to bake.

The German lads were a little unsure when they saw it was pasta, never having had it sweet before. The 14 year old who was originally from Zambia, was surprised and ate two bowls of it. The Indian lady enjoyed it too.   Second Helpings

I took a gamble and it paid off but it won’t be on my list of favourites. There is loads left. Sounds like an easy breakfast tomorrow.

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