My Facebook wall is loaded with valentine wishes today. Guess it must be 14th February. It seems many of my FB friends and pages I like are in the USA.

The Brits don’t do it as a holiday the way the Americans do it. We only really celebrate it if we’re in a romantic relationship or want to be in one. Here if you fancy someone but are too afraid to show it you send an anonymous valentine card to them.

I can’t remember ever receiving a valentine’s card from a romantic partner. When I was a teenager I must have been boyfriend-less on February 14th each year.

My husband never took much notice of the date and I was married for 13 years.

When I lived in the USA I was taken aback with the amount of fuss that was made about the day. Apart from the aisles in the stores for decorating the house and changing the ‘accents’, tea towels, crockery and clothing etc, I was first alerted to the fuss when my classroom assistant told me she was making envelopes for each child to hold their valentine’s cards that they would be receiving.  I was amazed that all the children brought in a little card for each child in the class as well as their favourite teachers.

My American friends also included me in the gift, card and well wishing. It was lovely. So much appreciation. So apart from the rampant consumerism associated with the day, I think it’s lovely.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Here in Germany, Valentines’s Day has only been visible at all for about five years. Shops are trying to cash in on it, but it hasn’t really caught on, as far as I can tell.

    I would like to see this day as a celebration of friendship (and love), rather than just a reason for buying more stuff. I like how you think along those lines, as well.


    1. Thanks for letting me know how it is in Germany Frauke. It’s interesting to see the traditions in different countries. Did you have anything like it in your calendar in the last century?
      Thanks for dropping by.


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