I’m writing about introversion today because I’ve just read a great post on the subject: Introvert Spring | The rise of a quiet revolution « Project 40.

Yes, I’ll come out and say it: “My name is Patricia and I am an introvert.”

I know some of my friends were surprised when I tested introvert on the Myers Briggs test I took a few years ago. That’s because I’m not shy (well not usually) and I tend to talk loudly.

Actually the reason why I’m not shy is because my dad told me when I was young that being shy was a form of self-centeredness. He said that there is no reason to be bothered about what other people thought of me. Most of the time they’re not thinking of me, but of themselves. So obviously I didn’t want to be seen to be self centred in his eyes, so I ditched the shyness.

But being an introvert is a different matter. Yes I enjoy talking and listening and having conversations. I have a bubbly personality and am able to strike up conversations with complete strangers, but I would rather stay home than go to a party. I need alone time each day to recover from the stress of being around other people. Crowds deplete my energy. Aloneness restores it.

I have not owned a TV in years. I find it draining and intrusive in my living space. I don’t listen to the radio either; I like to be able to hear my own thoughts.

I think all my family, two siblings and two parents, are/were introverts. My two daughters are also introverted. This is amazing when only one-in-four people are introvert.

It might take a while for all the extrovert population to understand that there is nothing wrong with people who like their own company and don’t need to be entertained all the time. But it may come sooner than we think.

7 thoughts on “Yes I’m an Introvert

  1. Being an extrovert, I think there’s nothing wrong with people who like their own company and don’t need to be entertained all the time. We need a lot of those precious moments as well. I’m probably 1/3 introvert?


    1. Yes, probably. There’s an introversion/extroversion spectrum. Everyone is somewhere along the line and rarely is anyone at one end or the other.
      So glad we have something in common. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  2. I accepted within myself very lately that I am an introvert, but that is what drove me through all these years, gave me an sbility to fight against issues but calmly. But I do watch tv and I am very much interested in knowing what is happening around the world.


    1. Hey, lovely to see you here. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I like to know what’s happening around the world but I use the quieter written word for that. I pick what I want to read from the internet. 🙂


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