This is my third stint at teen sitting. There are less of them than the first time. Did I tell you about that?

I had between 7 and 10 teens that weekend. The 10 was because one of them had three friends around to visit and they stayed for the evening meal. It was quite eventful and pretty stressful.

The last time I had  just three teens and there were two other adults in the house so it was less stressful.

This time there are four teens and two adults. The German lads are polite, respectful and no problem. It’s the half term holiday and so they’ve been up half the night and sleeping ’til at least noon.

The girls of the mum who’s away have also been up half the night, but they are younger. One of them, Chiku, went to town the first day her mum was away and brought back a bad head cold and by evening she felt really ill and went to bed quite early. The next day  she spent in bed dozing so by night time she was wide awake and feeling a little better.

Anyway, mum emailed me asking if I would monitor the amount of internet usage and take the phone away at night. So I better go get it now, ‘cos it’s late. Umm, not so easy to ‘parent’ when they’re not my kids.

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