Oops! In this post Money is Love I said I would post another one tomorrow. Well, after several tomorrows, here is the follow-up.

When I gave myself the journalling question “What does money mean in my life?” I was shocked to find myself writing about my mother for the first few days.

I concentrated on lack. Lack of love, lack of nurturing. It’s amazing really because compared to some children my childhood was fine. I was fed and watered. But I was also shouted at, talked to in an irritable manner, slapped on the legs and made to stand in the corner. My mother also used emotional blackmailed frequently.

You get used to things and it didn’t seem so bad at the time, except when I was a teenager I remember delaying going home from school most days because I didn’t like the unpredictable nature of not knowing what mood my mother would be in. I also remember several times crying on the way to school because of some upset at home just before I left.

Anyway, back to my journaling…. I wrote about incidences in my childhood for a few days and then I noticed a change. My writing started to get more positive, less focused on the lack and more on the abundance, the joy and the gratitude. Lovely!

I realised when sitting down to write this post that I’ve stopped journalling these past few days. Life has got in the way, as it does. So now I’m going to continue, so I thank you dear readers for ‘reminding’ me that it would be good to continue this journey.

Does anyone else journal? What is your experience?

2 thoughts on “Money is Still Love

  1. I’m supposed to be starting a food journal soon but that’s a little different I guess. It’s step 2 of the sugar addicts total recovery program. I’m doing well with step 1 (breakfast with protein) but still nervous about step 2 lol. I guess I should just pick a date and dive in. They sell a journal for $13. I’m thinking I should get it because I’d be more likely to stick with it having specific boxes to write in for each item. I guess I’m a bit scared of what I’ll learn from doing it. I should tap on that lol.


    1. I would be more likely to fill those blank boxes than create an entry on a blank page if I was in your position Helen.
      I agree that tapping on the EFt points whilst thinking about your worst case scenario would be beneficial. You could tap until it stops bothering you, then find another fear to tap on. I would do this before you buy the journal because when you’ve neutralised those fears you may find you’re raring to go and use a blank notebook anyway.
      Let me know how it goes.


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