Ah sweet poison!

Yes, I am sensitive to sugar. I find it addictive. I have periods in my life where I have no refined sugar at all in anything – read all the labels and rarely eat processed  food anyway. But sometimes I have sugar and then find it incredibly difficult stop.

It affects me in several ways.

It makes my muscles tense and if I have it regularly I start to feel like an old woman whose body hurts when I use it. Cannot lift my legs up high and need to sit down often because I get so tired.

It also affects my mind. I cannot think clearly. My mind is fuzzy. I find it difficult to think of the words to convey my meaning. My mother had this problem too. She would present as having early signs of dementia when she indulged in a lot. This would dissipate when I had control over her diet and cut out the sugar.

It affects my mood. I get moody and depressed, irritable and angry. When I was younger; a teacher and a mother of young children, I would fly off the handle every day. I hated myself for it. I eventually ‘came off sugar’ for my own children’s sake and they would immediately know if I slipped back.

I also noticed it creates a hardness of heart that dissolves when I refrain from the substance.

I have noticed in some young people that it creates a hyperactivity big time when they indulge in sugar.

One adult told me that when they were a child and had sugar binges they felt out of control. It felt like something was vibrating inside that wanted to get out. It manifested as the child talking a whole lot of nonsense. Prancing around in order to relieve the sensation which needed to get out. They felt super agitated and felt even more agitated when someone uttered a thought that they needed to calm down. All this was very tiring which resulted in low sugar blues.

Does this sound like ADHD to you? Maybe instead of taking Ritalin a child could just refrain from sugar. Easier said than done. It would need a detox program and a willingness to come off the substance.

Writing this now makes me wonder if bipolar is in fact sugar sensitivity.

Does anyone have any relevant experience to add? I would love to hear about it.

I love to read your thoughts. Thank you for leaving a comment.

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