As you may have guessed the Dairy Cottage is a little chilly. Well it was built that way. It was designed to be cold to keep the milk, butter and cheese cool before refrigeration was invented.

So the walls are about two feet thick and the floor is stone. I’ll show you later when I’ve take a pic of the windows from the inside.

To help make it a little warmer there is carpeting throughout and heaters in the two bedrooms. The kitchen has no heat and the lounge has a multi fuel stove.

I am new to this living fire business. But this is part of my cottage dream so was really chuffed to have one here. I got advice from the village shop owner – Lorna, wife of the garage owner. Whilst I was deliberating between wood and coal I was offered a bag of coal through Freecycle. It was in the next town! Very handy.

Wo we tried it. I must admit I have had a little training in laying a fire when I worked in the village of Wookey Hole in Somerset looking after an elderly lady. So I know the basics.

It’s unfortunate that this stove pushes out smoke when the doors of the stove are open. The landlord did tell me  it wasn’t a particularly good burner. I’m going to plump for burning logs in future because I prefer wood smoke to coal smoke.

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