Around the corner from this little scene above is the village shop of Holcombe Rogus. The actual shop is not as quaint. See below. As you can see it’s actually the office of the garage but it’s been put to good use.

Lorna has a wonderfully stocked shop. Amazing in such a tiny space. I got the picture you see above from the internet because the weather is not good today and I didn’t fancy walking to get a dreary picture. At the moment there are bags of coal outside the shop.

holcombe rogus village shop

A lady comes in and mans the Post Office counter each morning during weekdays. I haven’t met her yet.

Lorna works long hours form 8am to 6:15pm. Of course she’s the king pin of the village. A mine of information.

On Saturday there was a village litter pick and coffee morning at the village hall. There were also a few craft stalls and so I took one. It was all in aid of the upkeep of the village hall. I didn’t sell anything but met some lovely villagers. I got lots of invitations to the once a month craft evening they hold.

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