As you know we live in an old dairy. It’s on an old farm called Home Farm. My landlord lives in the old barns. They were converted before he bought the property but his wife, who grew up in the village remembers it as a working farm.

The pig pens weren’t converted into a home. They are now a log shed. The original farm house was pulled down and two ordinary semi-detached houses were built on the spot behind us.

The old barns are a stone’s throw from my front door and we have to walk past the front of their home to exit the property. The picture above is the view from my front door with my landlord’s home on the left.

He is a very obliging guy. I mentioned that the stove was smokey so he came and cleaned the flu, lit a log fire to see how it was doing and donated enough logs for an evening’s fire. It isn’t a good stove and he admits it. Whilst it’s fun to tend the fire in the evening it doesn’t give off enough heat to warm the room or even to warm someone sitting right in front of it!

The coal gave off more heat but it was a dirty and messy job and the smoke gave me a cough, filthy hair and irritated skin. So I’ve decided not to bother with it. I’ll wait until the weather gets warmer before I use that room and then have a log fire for fun occasionally.

Whilst he was in the cottage he did a few other jobs and was very happy to make sure everything was OK. The rent is very cheap and so it doesn’t stretch to a new stove.

I wanted to move in quickly so I offered to decorate the place. He bought paint to my specifications, supplied all the equipment and will give me a discount on the rent when I’m done.

I received a rotary clothes line from Freecycle because I prefer drying my clothes outside weather permitting. It doesn’t have a ground fixing tube but my landlord said he would create one for me and has given me a place to put it on a bit of high ground (to catch the wind).

I also asked him if he had a spare poker for the fire. He didn’t have one but created one for me from an old pipe.

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