We’re house sitting for a lady in our village.

It’s an amazing coincidence that she’s actually living in the same village as us – well 1 mile away actually but that’s near enough.

She looked online and found our profile in Trusted Housesitters.com. I made that profile when we were still living in Taunton. She thought “Oh that’s quite close so they can come and visit and have a meeting beforehand.” And she liked us.

She was amazed when I told her that we’d recently moved to the village.

She feeds four dogs, four pet sheep, one outside cat and all the birds in the surrounding area on an industrial scale. More about all that in future posts…..

She has a an amazingly old house (more about that too) but let me get to the title of this post…. The Aga.

I have heard about Agas but never dealt with one before. For those that don’t know what it is – it’s a range that cooks food. It works by heating up the cast iron that surround the ovens. When it uses electricity this happens at night on a cheap tariff (in the UK). The ovens are all at different temperatures all the time and the two hot plates are also at different temps all the time. It’s a totally new way of cooking. I’ve been learning all about it in the cook book I found on the shelf.

The meal above was being cooked before I learned that it’s best to cook most things in the oven rather than the hob.

Now I Want an Aga

The Aga heats the kitchen and makes it warm and cosy.

This is the perfect thing for my new cottage! At the moment there’s no heat in the kitchen and only a very inefficient wood burning stove in the the adjoining lounge. So most of the cottage is actually unusable in cold weather (ie much of the autumn, spring and all winter). I’m going to have to work on my lovely landlord into getting an Aga installed. The rent will go up but it will be worth it. 🙂

So glad I’ve found a wonderful solution because at the moment I’m living in the bedroom that has a storage heater and just waiting for the warmer weather. As it stands I definitely will not be renewing my lease in September. But when I’ve decorated and got some lovely furniture it has lots of potential.

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