We’re looking after four dogs at the moment whilst the owners are away. That’s Claire petting two at once.

There’re two black labrador sisters. You wouldn’t know they were same age. Twiggy acts like an old lady with arthritis whilst Daisy acts like a puppy when out on a walk. She’s forever wanting you to throw the ball so she can enthusiastically run after it. Still going strong after an hour!

There’s another elderly lady Purdy who’s keen on her food. I can’t remember the breed but she is cute.

Then there’s Parsley who’s two years old and acts just like a toddler. She loves attention. When we’re petting the other dogs she will muscle her way in saying “My turn! My turn!” She comes frequently to have a chin rub or to like climb on me; tail wagging her butt off.

Parsley likes to fetch balls but knows she cannot compete with Daisy so we have to hold Daisy’s collar when we throw balls for Parsley.

Wet Dogs

These dogs have their own large garden and field to roam in. I was so glad when I realised this because I had visions of coping with four dogs on leads on the narrow country lanes, trying to avoid them getting run over when a car or tractor passes.

There are three ponds and a stream. Daisy loves splashing in the stream. But as it’s been raining so much it’s not making so much difference with the wetness. They’re all totally soaked and covered in mud three times a day.

As you can imagine the house is kitted out with sensible quarry tiles in the entrance. These don’t get very slippery when wet. We also have lots of large towels to dry them with. A tumble drier, hanging rack in the utility room and a rack over the Aga means we don’t run out.

The Aga is a perfect place to dry the wet dogs after a walk as well!

Dogs drying by the Aga
Dogs drying by the Aga

2 thoughts on “The Four Dogs

  1. Wow, that may be fun for a few weeks but day in and day out would be quite wearing for anyone to cope with. They do look lovely dogs though, friendly, happy and sociable which says a great deal about the owner!


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