Did I tell you it’s been raining here a lot? The main route to the field from the garden crosses two ditches with a tiny ridge in between. Immediately after navigating one steep slippery slope down and up there is another one even more steep! These two pictures were taken from the same spot. The above one looking behind and the picture below is looking forward.

muddy ditch

These have got so muddy throughout the winter that they’re now quite treacherous.

I was so scared the last time I went through that so now Claire takes them.

We don’t own any wellington boots because the ones we bought were so uncomfortable that when we downsized last year we gave them away.

Fortunately the owners of these lovely dogs have spare wellies in our sizes! They are good quality ones made by Hunters.

I wondered how farmers and people who walk dogs in the country could wear wellies so much. Now I know. They spend twice or thrice the money and get a comfortable and warmer pair.

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