Parsley is a cocker spaniel.

She likes to check out the evidence of the animals in the field. She’ll spend a while in the hedgerows. It’s a little nerve wracking because the hedge adjoins the lane and she could slip through into that if she wanted to. She hasn’t done that though to my knowledge. Whew!

She did spend long time in a hedge the other day. The old ladies Purdy and Twiggy had elected to stay in the garden and

with Parsley staying in the hedge I felt like I only had one dog, who of course wanted a ball throwing every few seconds.

I kept calling Parsley but she didn’t move. I checked to see if she was distressed and I saw and heard no signs of it, so after calling for a while I continued on the walk back to the garden. Parsley caught up with us as we neared the house.

When I was rubbing them down with the towels I noticed a bramble brach stuck to her long ears and attached to her tummy. Ah! This was why she wouldn’t budge from the hedge! She was trapped! The fact that I left her gave her an incentive to pull herself out. Poor baby. It took a long time to extract it from her.

She’s been given the wrong name. She should have been called Twiggy because she gets them stuck in her hair so much on every walk. Fortunately it’s never been as bad as that bramble day.

Did I tell you Parsley is a very exuberant dog?  And did I mention she loves to climb on top of me when I’m reading?

Parsley Loves Attention
Parsley Loves Attention

One thought on “Parsley the Dog

  1. Oh my God , this dog made me so happy . These lovely animals give more than human beings and expect nothing just love and they deserve it no matter what we do in our leisure time .


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