When Claire takes the dogs for their walk I go to feed the sheep. They’re so cute. When I first met them they ran away form me but now even though they are still timid they’re also curious.

It will be interesting to see them when they’ve been sheared because they look a little fat to me. I though sheep ate grass but these also eat pellets and hay. They like the pellets and come and eat them straight away.


Sheep Eating their Supper
Sheep Eating their Supper

They have a little wooden shelter further down the field and another one here where they’re fed. This is where the cat lives.

This cat doesn’t look or act like an outdoor cat. It looks like a delicate indoor cat. So lovely and she likes a good stroke. She arrived one day and adopted the sheep. She’s nervous of the dogs with good reason, so the owner doesn’t take them when she feeds the sheep and cat.

As much as the owner would love to invite her into the house the mayhem would be too much. So she’s give her a lovely expensive home-upholstered footstool to sit on in the sheep shelter. She gives her food and milk on a few bales of hay so she’s off the ground.


cat feeding




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