I’ve been so busy telling you about the animals that I haven’t mentioned the house. and that’s a shame because it’s a beautiful place. It’s one of those old English houses that has several different ages depending on which part you’re in.

The front entrance hall looks the oldest part although as you can see from the picture above, it’s been modernised in part. On the old paneling there are two carved Tudor Roses. This paneling is thick and rustic and looks like thick planks of wood the width of thick oak trees. Looks genuine Tudor building to my untrained eye. The front door (which is not used) has been stuffed with old newspapers all around the edges to keep out the draft.

entrance hall

There is a carved bench below the mirror and can you see the two light switches by the kitchen door? They are at least 1950’s era.

It looks like it was a farm house because it has stables and barns. At least one barn seems to have been annexed to the house as the lounge.

There are other rooms that look like they were outhouses the other side of the back entrance passageway. These have now been integrated into the house whilst using the original old outhouse doors.

The kitchen door from the kitchen side of the paneling
The kitchen door from the kitchen side of the paneling

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