The owner told me that one of the jobs was to feed all the birds in the surrounding area. She wasn’t joking either.

I took this picture above from the shelter of the conservatory because as you can see, it’s raining. This is just one of the four main areas where there are feeding stations.

When she first arrived at the house she saw not much evidence of birds. That was until she started feeding them. She now has feeding stations all around the very large garden which need replenishing from the large bins of food each day.

She gives different seeds, grain, nuts and fat balls in different ways to attract different species of bird. She even has several barrels that are designed to feed the pheasants and partridge. The barrel has a hole at the bottom with a wire spring that when knocked releases the grain. I saw ducks availing themselves of this food the other morning too.

The owner buys bread especially for the ducks. Half a loaf a day gets distributed on the ponds.

Of course it’s not only birds who enjoy this feast. I’ve seen grey squirrels and rats too. The rats have holes by the feeding stations and pop out to get the nuts and seeds left by the birds.

Some animal has learned which bin the peanuts are in in the stables. They have also learned  to knock off the shovel I placed on the lid to prevent the theft. I foiled them with a few bricks.



This is the old stable building where the feed is in large metal bins. It’s also another feeding station for the birds. Just out of the picture is another bird table for more food.

The owner said she’d put rat poison down to take care of the rats. Funny how we like and feed some animals and kill others.

The neighbours are not near us at all and when visiting they come around on bikes. The mum comes and takes the dogs out for a walk on the days the owner is at work. So they came for a visit and the children noticed a rook came to rest in the small pond at the back. It had it’s wings out. The neighbour rescued it from the pond but it stayed on the grass. It died later.

We also found a dead pheasant upside down inside the stables. I suspect they may have been poisoned by the rat poison but obviously have no proof. I haven’t told the owner yet. Just reported that all her girls were happy.

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