(I found this is my drafts. So in the spirit of honesty – I didn’t do this ‘yesterday’)

I love shopping in Wellington. I’m talking about the little town in Somerset, England.

I enjoy doing my weekly shopping in local shops.

I’m so glad there’s a lovely hardware store. Yesterday I got

  • some wood glue to mend some shelves that I got from Freecycle,
  • some masking tape because Claire is decorating the cottage and has run out,
  • some sandpaper for paintwork
  • and a pair of gardening gloves.

I also went to the LETS market. It’s on the first Saturday of each month in the Friend’s Meeting House. Someone was selling material so I had to go. I bought some lovely organza for one Tone. I also bought some organic spelt bread rolls for money – 30p each. If you don’ know what LETS is I’ll do a post on it soon.

I popped into two charity shops and picked up a lovely mug in one and a basket in another. I can’t resist baskets. This one was £3 and the pretty mug was £1. We only have two mugs after I downsized big time so I need to build up a collection now I have a home to put them in.


I also checked out the junk yard that’s run by a Frenchman called Patrick. I got a bucket for 50p. He had a pile of them and when I asked the price he told me they were buy one get one free. So I got two. I wanted something to put my vegetable scraps in for composting and the handle of my old bucket snapped so it’s handy to have another one.

I popped into Sunseed the whole food shop and got miso, organic bananas and apples, natural nappy cleanser for my towels (I wash at 30 degrees and this stuff keeps the bacteria at bay).

I popped into Dotty Dolly’s to get some material for a patchwork quilt now I’m in my cottage.

I was rushing around because I’d parked at Waitrose carpark and so only had two hours. I hadn’t planned on going into the Farmer’s Market because last time I went (about two years ago) it was pathetic but it looked like they were making an effort so I rushed in. I’m so glad I did! There were many more stalls this time and found someone to buy my eggs from!

Last stop was Waitrose. That’s the supermarket for the discerning. I love Waitrose but would prefer if it would have more organic stuff. They concentrate on quality though so that’s something.

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