I’ve been very remiss in my blog posting this year.

I haven’t even told you about Bonny Blue. I bought her at the beginning of April after selling the camper van.

I made the decision to to buy a very cheap car because I needed the money for other things, mainly to pay back some debts I needed to pay.

She cost me £450. That first week she cost me £185 to repair something, and then a month or two later another £200 to repair something else.

It’s very fortunate that there is a garage (workshop) in the village within easy walking distance to my cottage. It’s combined with the village shop.

Road tax and MOT test is now due and I found out today that it would cost between £300 – £500 for her to pass the MOT. So she wasn’t much of a bargain after all.

I decided to cut my losses and release her and was going to give her away to someone who would enjoy tinkering on her (the majority of the cost was labour charges). But on my way to the garage I thought that  someone would probably be willing to pay £100 for her to tinker on.

And sure enough, when I was talking to Lorna at the shop about letting someone tinker on it, her husband, the mechanic asked me how much I was selling it for. I told him £100 and he snapped it up.

So instead of me paying for the failed MOT test, I came away with £100 (and a bag of free mottled bananas.)

I thank Bonnie Blue for her service. She’s been great to drive and has transported chairs, tables, shelves galore to furnish my cottage via Freecycle.

Now I just have to work out a way to shop and do other errands with no car, no public transport and 7 miles to the nearest town. The village shop would be useful if Lorna stocked organic vegetables.

Fortunately I’m a member of the local LETS group – but that’s another post.

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