I am English. I seem to move around a lot so I don’t feel I ‘come from’ any particular town in England. At present, I am living in Crowborough, East Sussex in South East of England.

For nearly 30 years I was a primary teacher. Some of my adventures have been chronicled here; The Wandering Teacher

I have worked in a variety of places, inner city, rural, in affluent and deprived areas, children whose first language is not English, all ages from babies to adults, with many different disabilities including deaf children (using my Diploma in Deaf Education) using BSL, individual tutoring, children who were educated at home (chronicled at Education at Home), in many different areas of England, USA and Kuwait.

I love teaching and love children but I don’t teach in schools now because I did not want to be part of the system that failed so many children both academically and emotionally.

So now I do other things including tutoring children on an individual basis. Read more about how and why I tutor at my other blog EmpoweringChildhood.co.uk.

I am also an enthusiastic advocate for Young Living Essential Oils.

When I learned that essential oils could be used therapeutically, and were not necessarily just a pleasant scent, I set about searching for the purest, most effective oils produced by the most ethical company I could find.

And I found all that in Young Living.

When a company would rather forgo sales than compromise on the quality of a popular product, then that’s my kind of company.

When the president and founder of a company is willing to work flat out and hands-on to reduce a one-year distillery building project to three months because people are needing a certain oil for their emotional wellbeing, that’s the kind of company that I want to be affiliated with.

So, if you want to know how therapeutic essential oils can help support our immune system, our emotions, cleaning the house and creating a good income, I’m the woman to ask.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by The Double Parent. I enjoyed reading and replying to your comment on my homework post.

    I live in Toronto now, but I am Scottish and have an MA from The University of Glasgow and am a TESL teacher. I totally get what you’re saying about a system that’s failing.

    Looking forward to reading more from you on your various pages.


  2. Liked your previous blog . About woman who lived alone to grow her hair . It was inspirational and very good . Discontinued why ?? please give the link ,some posts I could not read .


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my other blog Shashi. My subheading was: The story of a woman who rarely stays in one place long enough to grow her hair! because I had short hair and kept moving around so much.
      I stopped writing the blog because I stopped teaching in schools so it didn’t feel right contributing to a blog called The Wandering Teacher when I wash’t one anymore. The link is http://thewanderingteacher-patricia.blogspot.co.uk


  3. I am not a free person and have to follow instructions from family members even to use computer when ?? and what I can post or put on social sites so I feel I am a suppressed person . I worked in different schools and one college, taught hundred of students and made few students my face book friends as well . I read blogs so I found your blog quite interesting . Thanks for reply . World is not very big and we can communicate with anybody and share our experience . You have great time !! Happy blogging . I have saved your link . Will keep in touch .


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