Money is Still Love

Oops! In this post Money is Love I said I would post another one tomorrow. Well, after several tomorrows, here is the follow-up.

When I gave myself the journalling question “What does money mean in my life?” I was shocked to find myself writing about my mother for the first few days.

I concentrated on lack. Lack of love, lack of nurturing. It’s amazing really because compared to some children my childhood was fine. I was fed and watered. But I was also shouted at, talked to in an irritable manner, slapped on the legs and made to stand in the corner. My mother also used emotional blackmailed frequently.

You get used to things and it didn’t seem so bad at the time, except when I was a teenager I remember delaying going home from school most days because I didn’t like the unpredictable nature of not knowing what mood my mother would be in. I also remember several times crying on the way to school because of some upset at home just before I left.

Anyway, back to my journaling…. I wrote about incidences in my childhood for a few days and then I noticed a change. My writing started to get more positive, less focused on the lack and more on the abundance, the joy and the gratitude. Lovely!

I realised when sitting down to write this post that I’ve stopped journalling these past few days. Life has got in the way, as it does. So now I’m going to continue, so I thank you dear readers for ‘reminding’ me that it would be good to continue this journey.

Does anyone else journal? What is your experience?

Money is Love

I found an interesting book when I transferred my friend’s books to a more sturdy bookcase for her.


I thought the title was intriguing so took it to read. It is intriguing. She writes that

      Money Is Energy, And Energy Is Limitless. Only Our Fear And Our Limited Way Of Thinking Make Money Seem Scarce.

As well as an explanation of the sacred origins of money she talks about how physical money is infused with fear and other negative emotions. She gives exercises to infuse money with love wich is interesting.

Another thing she advocates is to change our beliefs and views of money. We’ve all been programmed to believe certain things about money; most of which is not helpful to receiving abundance. So I’ve been following her instructions.

Journalling. She advocates setting aside 20 minutes to write in a private journal each day. Write the question “What does money mean in my life?” at the top of the page and just write whatever comes into your head. Write for 20 minutes then stop. Do this each day.

I did this but I added another step. After I finished writing I read it over a few times whilst tapping on the EFT points of

top of head

between eyebrows

side of eye

under eye

under nose

under bottom lip

under collar bone

under arm (on bra strap)

This has the effect of unblocking the energy blocks of the limiting beliefs or memories.

I noticed that each day my writing had a different theme and feel to it.

I’ll write about that in a post tomorrow because I really do have to go get some sleep now.

Changing my Photo

I’ve been feeling that the pictures I have of myself around the internet are not honest. They were taken a  few years ago and I’ve aged since then. It’s taken me some time and a lot of tapping to actually change them. I was too vain and unloving of myself to accept the real me.

That seems a little odd doesn’t it? Vain and unloving of self? Isn’t that an oxymoron? (Love that word!) Well, I don’t think it is really. Vanity is pride which hasn’t got much to do with love in my opinion.

So I’ve been tapping on myself (using EFT , Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Even though I don’t want to change my picture, but I feel dishonest having pictures up that are not a true representation of how I am now,  I accept how I feel.

Even though I’m too vain to have everyone see me how I am I choose to love myself anyway.

Even though I just don’t love myself, I don’t like the way I look, especially without makeup, I accept that this is the way I feel.

I did think about putting on some makeup before having a photo taken, like the one I’ve had up on this blog since I started, but I don’t own any anymore.

So the tapping worked and I’m going through the internet changing my profile pictures around the internet.

Louise Hay

I love Louise Hay. She’s the lady that helped me really start to change for the better. She wrote the book “You Can Heal Your Life'”. I’ve bought several copies over the years because I’ve lent or given them away.

I’m thinking about her now because I’ve just seen a video of her being interviewed and in it she reveals that at age 86 she’s still working on herself! Forgiving that stepfather of hers, which is setting her more free. She’s recently been introduced to tapping (EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques) and so is using it along with her famous affirmations.

I realise I haven’t talked about EFT on this blog have I? Well I probably will because I find it an amazing tool.

Anyway, you can watch the lovely video here.