This is the Current Me

new pic of me
My current profile picture across social media was taken August 2013 before I took a dive. It was a low time. I’ve been reluctant to take a photo of myself in recent years. Who wants to see a picture of someone in a state of desperate physical and emotional health?
Even though I am looking more healthy these days my pride has been reluctant to show how much I aged. Why do we have these fears? People who see me face to face see how I look!
It took a lot of courage to actually take this photo a few months ago. And then more courage to post it here today and write about myself.
Since early adulthood I have been on a path of self transformation and this is one step I needed to make on that path.
So, how do I actually spend my time?
I have three hats at the moment. And am equally passionate about all of them.
Hat 1. I educate people about how therapeutic essential oils can impact all areas of our life, as they have done mine.
Hat 2. I tutor young children who are struggling at school with maths and English, including anyone who is dyslexic.
Hat 3. I am on the board of a non prophet organisation which disseminates information for those who are on a spiritual path combining the wisdom of all the world’s religions.
So there it is I’ve done it and like most things we fear it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Can Essential Oils Heal Us?

Today, during an email conversation regarding essential oils with a friend of mine, who suffers from severe eczema, he stated,

“Oils are good, but I have not found them curative for anything.”

This got me thinking about the question: Can essential oils heal us?

No External Substance Can Heal Us

It is not surprising that he hadn’t found the oils to be curative for anything because the oils do not cure anything. In fact, no substance external to ourselves can heal us.

Yes, some people have been seemingly cured after using certain oils or taking vitamins or minerals, but these have had a good effect because the body was lacking in that specific nutrient. The body used the nutrient to restore balance to the system.

Therapeutic essential oils, like the ones that Young Living produce, support the body’s cells and systems so that our body can heal itself.

Where Does Our Ill Health Come From?

It starts before we were born.

We were all created within our mother’s womb. She had a level of health and could only nourish our growing body according to how nourished her own body was at that time. I’m giving my age away when I tell you that my mother smoked cigarettes throughout her pregnancies because no-one had told her it was harmful. But it’s not just the mother’s health who is a factor here. Animal breeders all know that the health of the father is of great importance to the offspring. It’s funny that when it comes to human reproduction that is not taken into account at all.

So we all come into the world with a certain state of health. Those people who believe in karma and reincarnation also say that the karma we made or experiences we had in previous lifetimes affect how healthy our body is.

We come into a world full of toxins where it’s been discovered that  newborn babies have over 200 industrial pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals in the umbilical cord blood.

Then we breathe and ingest toxins in our food, water and air even if we are diligent in what goes into our body (and most people are not diligent). We take in substances that cause inflammation in our body, which shows up as many different health issues. So adults have had 20, 30, 40 or more years of adding to the body’s toxic load. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that this will create disease.

Our ability to detoxify efficiently also plays a part in our health. Many people do not consider detoxing and other people have bodies who don’t do it very well, like if they have the MTHFR gene mutation.

Then we have the emotional component to our health. It has become more widely understood that our emotions affect our body’s health. We know what stress does to our blood pressure and cortisol levels, and those are just two examples.

So it takes a sustained and consistent application of a healthy lifestyle, avoiding that which causes our body to be inflamed and adding healing nourishment in the form of nutritious organic food and supplements and detoxifying our body to enable the nourishment to be absorbed into our body. Therapeutic grade essential oils can be a very effective part of this regime because they can help the detoxifying pathways and help restore our system to balance, which of course usually takes time. One bottle is rarely enough to complete the job depending on how out of balance our bodies are. I have read that once we are on the right healing path for our body, it can take one month to restore the body to balance, for every year that we have had the condition.

 Let’s keep in touch. Let me send you posts as they come hot off the keyboard.

If you want to learn more about therapeutic essential oils check out this page or ask me a question below.


Good Eggs, Fish and Honey

We like eggs but we’re very fussy about them. I want free range – proper free range, out doors. Not ‘with access to outdoors’. Not free to roam in a barn. The real outdoors with the sky above and real earth beneath the feet.

I’m also concerned that the layers pellets that the hens are fed contain GM corn. Most egg producers I asked didn’t know if the feed they bought was GM. I steer clear of those people because if they don’t know, then they just buy whatever’s cheapest, and the cheapest pellets will be GM corn. It’s mandatory in this country to label GM food but if an animal has eaten GM food then it doesn’t have to be labeled as such.

I was having to resort to buying organic free range from the supermarkets. But the problem with that (apart form being expensive)  is all the eggs are washed. When an egg is washed the stuff that’s in the water gets absorbed through the shell. Even if they don’t add chemicals to the water there is still chlorine in it.

I found a lady at Wellington Farmer’s Market who keeps her hens outside and she doesn’t wash the shells and although she doesn’t do organic her pellets are GM free. She checked. And she’s the cheapest around so when I manage to get to the Farmer’s Market in Wellington I get a load from her. Unfortunately it’s not on every Saturday so it gets complicated.

I also found a lady running the amazing fish mongers in Taunton who has an orchard for ‘her girls’. All the eggs are different colours and sizes and all organic. And all are delicious.

I pop in on Thursdays when I go to the farmer’s market there. I love to see the enormous fish in the interesting display. I get a cod carcass for £2 and make delicious fish bone broth from it. I also rescue a bowl of fish from the bones and head too.

As a bonus the other lady who serves the fish has a beehive and sells jars of honey in the shop from time to time. It’s the best honey! I like to talk to the beekeeper to see how processed it is and she says the spinning process (to remove the honey from the combs) heats the honey a little bit but that’s all the heat it gets. Honey doesn’t tend to be labeled raw in this country as it is the the USA.