This is the Current Me

new pic of me
My current profile picture across social media was taken August 2013 before I took a dive. It was a low time. I’ve been reluctant to take a photo of myself in recent years. Who wants to see a picture of someone in a state of desperate physical and emotional health?
Even though I am looking more healthy these days my pride has been reluctant to show how much I aged. Why do we have these fears? People who see me face to face see how I look!
It took a lot of courage to actually take this photo a few months ago. And then more courage to post it here today and write about myself.
Since early adulthood I have been on a path of self transformation and this is one step I needed to make on that path.
So, how do I actually spend my time?
I have three hats at the moment. And am equally passionate about all of them.
Hat 1. I educate people about how therapeutic essential oils can impact all areas of our life, as they have done mine.
Hat 2. I tutor young children who are struggling at school with maths and English, including anyone who is dyslexic.
Hat 3. I am on the board of a non prophet organisation which disseminates information for those who are on a spiritual path combining the wisdom of all the world’s religions.
So there it is I’ve done it and like most things we fear it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Ho’oponopono Changes Lives

When I read about how Dr Hew Len was instrumental in healing a whole psychiatric high security facility  I was in awe. The inmates were shackled all the time but the staff were still afraid because their was still violence.

What did Dr Hew Len do?

He sat in his office every day looking at the files of the inmates. He didn’t go see them, he didn’t hold case conferences, just studied this notes. He started in 1984.

1987 saw a totally different picture. Inmates no longer needed wrist and ankle restraints. Violence was only in evidence from new patients. Old ones were moved out as they no longer needed to be there. eventually the whole unit closed due to lack of need.

How did this happen?

Dr Hew Len said he didn’t heal them but he did heal that part of himself that created the situation he found himself in.

He used the Ho’oponopono technique to do it. Repeating the following phrases.

I love you.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

He didn’t just repeat the words though, he actually felt them too.

You see, we are all one. We are all energy, all interconnected. If you hurt then I hurt. If I’m angry then my emotion goes out into the universe and affects everyone and everything in it.

Ho’oponopono works in a similar way to the violet fire, by transmuting negative energy.

Peace begins with me.

More on this another time.

If you want to read an entertaining account of the miracle you can find it here.



Violet Flame for Forgiveness

I’ve just read on another blog MercOver about Tracy’s journey to heal herself of mercury poisoning. She talks about resentment forgiveness and reminded me that there is no better subject for the last day of the year than forgiveness.

Most of us hold some resentment or other deep down (or maybe not so deep). I know I’m still struggling with the way my mother treated me as a child. She didn’t abuse me on purpose. She loved me as far as she was capable. Her upbringing played a large part in how she treated me. I know all this intellectually but still find that I’m harbouring some resentment towards her. I don’t even know it until some event or person triggers a memory. It might take some digging into my psychology to find exactly what the memory or the resentment is but it’s worth it.

Feeling resentment and having an unforgiving attitude towards someone only harms me, the person holding that feeling. It’s like taking poison in the hope that it will hurt the other person. Science shows us that our body actually produces poisons (toxins) when we feel anger.

As this page  puts it so well “Forgiveness is an aspect of the violet flame that can melt hardness of heart and dissolve animosity and blame. Forgiveness opens our hearts to love.

You can use the violet flame to heal painful memories and help resolve difficulties in relationships. People who have directed the violet flame into problems in their relationships often sense a tremendous burden lifted and feel free to move on with their lives.”

So in my imagination I place myself and my mother in the violet flame whilst using the science of the spoken word to invoke it.

This is how I do it