My Scented Journey

I have always loved to wear perfume, but then, oh no! I started getting a rash in places where I applied it.

I also enjoyed having a pleasantly scented home. I used scented candles and plug-in devices around the house. But I stopped when I learned that we were breathing in toxic chemicals. Most candles are made from petrochemicals which, when burned end up in our bodies. The scented perfume is made from toxic chemicals which also end up in our bodies via our lungs.

So, I replaced all these with essential oils from the health food store.

I noticed from advertising that essential oils could be used for therapeutic purposes, but I have to admit that I didn’t notice any effects other than a pleasant scent.

The Reason Why They Didn’t Work

I found this fascinating, but I’m not a chemist or even particularly scientifically minded. So I’ll tell you in simple terms.
To get the therapeutic properties from the plant, the oil needs to be distilled at a certain temperature for a certain length of time which is different for each plant. During distillation the first property that shows up in the oil is scent. And that’s the stage that most distillations cease. However, the therapeutic properties show up in oils after a longer distillation.

Of course, the shorter the distillation time, the cheaper the product. The cheaper the product, the more profit can be made from it.

I also discovered that MOST oils on the market have been found to be adulterated in some form! This is to increase profits again because distillation is an expensive business. So it’s likely that I was still breathing in and putting on my skin toxic chemicals. Ugh.

And this is why I didn’t notice much benefit from the lower priced oils on the market.

So when I learned that some people saw amazingly wonderful effects in their health while using oils, I decided to find out more. I wanted to find an ethical company that produced top quality products that worked.

The Clincher

Young Living grows, or otherwise monitors, all the plants that end up in the oil bottles. These plants have to be planted, tended and harvested before being distilled. So when sales outstrip supply, the company needs to decide what to do.

They have several choices.
They could dilute the oils they have to make them last longer and meet the demand.
They could buy oils from other producers which may or may not be pure or have the essential therapeutic properties.
They could tell customers “Sorry, we’ve run out of this year’s harvest. We’re waiting for the next harvest to make more oils because we cannot find any of this oil on the market that meets our high therapeutic and unadulterated standards.”

Young Living, while planning ahead as much as they can to be able to meet the predicted demand, choose the last option. They decide to lose money rather than losing integrity.

Now THAT’S a company I want to be associated with. 🙂

So I chose to become a wholesale member of Young Living because I wanted to take advantage of the 24% off retail prices.

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